• Donna Gioiosa

    A flagship of the wine production of the Ionian Calabrian coast, this white wine with pleasant lightness and natural vivacity, given by the refermentation of the base product, is the result of a grape with soft and full-bodied grapes, capable of giving truly joyous sensations from its delicate crushing. Appealing on every occasion, whether it be an aperitif or a hearty meal, it is a wine capable of offering a touch of soft vivacity to every dish, excellent in combinations with a marinated flavor, with light main courses, delicate or exotic risotto, simple fish dishes, white meat dishes, but also grilled, fried,  Mediterranean tradition and seasonal side dishes.
    We recommend to serve at a temperature of 10-12 ° C.

  • Clarus

    An tasty nectar for the palate, which boasts millenary oenological roots in its production, the Greek Yellow grapes with a golden yellow color withered in the plant are destined for an accurate late harvest, very selective and controlled, and then go on to a soft pressing and fermentation set for 15 days. The refinement of this Passito wine is carried out in wooden barrels of 300 liters for 6 months and then in bottles for another 3 months, reaching full ripeness characterized by a soft, warm taste and a liqueur aftertaste, with amber and colored reflections. straw yellow, it is excellent for desserts and for original tastings at any time of the day.
    We recommend serving the Clarus at a temperature of 10-12 ° C.

  • Red wine Cirò DOP

    An exclusive and very ancient wine born on the Saracens Calabrian coast in South Italy, which according to legend in the past was offered to the winners of the Greek Olympics, is made from Gaglioppo grapes of Cirò vineyards. The grapes are picked by hand and carefully selected before crushing, waiting for the fermentation to transfer the organoleptic qualities that distinguish it and make it more and more velvety during ripening. A ruby red color, its pleasant flavor, is preceded by an enveloping fragrance, excellent with dishes based on red meats, game and medium-aged cheeses.
    We recommend to serve this wine at a temperature of 18-20 ° C, in order to fully enjoy its solid Mediterranean flavor.
  • Rose wine Cirò DOP

    We obtain this delicious wine from the renowned red berry Gaglioppo vine, with a natural processing that enhances this grape, accustomed to a salty climate and which prefers an early ripening, peculiar characteristics of a rich and tasty nectar. Fresh and light in every occasion, we suggest a tasting at a temperature of 10-12 ° C, accompanied by cold dishes, seafood dishes, delicate first courses, exotic risottos, white meats and second courses from Mediterranean combinations.
  • White wine Cirò DOP

    Its straw yellow color is combined with a floral and fruity scent, its firm and intense taste give exclusive sensations, this wine is obtained from a unique grape, which draws its vitality from a land surrounded by the sea and the sun. A glass of natural goodness that combines brilliantly with dishes of different types, from fish to white meats, from the flavors of nouvelle cuisine to the flavors of ethnic cuisine, from seasonal combinations to combinations of local products, is a white wine that can delight even the most demanding palates.