• Paccheri

    Our paccheri represent a unique delight, a pasta that is characterized by its ability to enhance in the first courses various sauces, from sauces to vegetables, from meat to fish, each recipe rediscovers the true ancient flavor of the best wheat flour hard, obtained with a slow drying at low temperature that determines that rich taste of Italian wheat. A very nutritious product for our organism, very appreciable and tasty from an organoleptic point of view, also valid under the purely culinary profile, it can hardly be hot in slightly variable times of preparation, as it elastically reaches its optimal cooking point.
  • Fileja

    Listed as one of the most exclusive products of the traditional Calabrian cuisine, this pasta is prepared for imaginative and tasty recipes. Rich in taste, although it does not contain eggs, the flour obtained from Italian durum wheat semolina makes this pasta suitable for full-bodied condiments, from meat sauce to cheese and truffle creams. Semolina, water and a pinch of salt, as well as a slow drying at very low temperature, give a compact amalgam that allows you to cook with ease and flexible cooking times. The "fileja" are typical of the Calabrian west coast, on the famous "Costa degli Dei", but are known in other areas of Calabria with different names, are obtained by forming with the dough small thin rolls, which are cut into small pieces 4-5 centimeters.