• Bergamot liqueur

    Our most prized fruit, Citrus Bergamia, better known as Bergamotto, is a citrus fruit with unique nutritional qualities, energizing, with many vitamins and toning, which grows on the Calabrian Coast in south Italy since 1700. This is why our liqueur has an enveloping taste, fresh and fragrant, which accompanies desserts based on citrus fruit, from pies to cakes, from donuts to dry or creamy pastry, but also dishes of nouvelle cuisine based on fish or spicy pastries.
  • Bergamot cream

    It is through the addition of good local milk, and the resulting cream, that this cream offers a refined taste of Mediterranean freshness. This Asian fruit, brought on our shores by Portuguese sailors, is a precious product, defined with the appellation of "green gold", it contains in itself all the energy of the sun and of our earth, which stands out in its vivid color. From the unique and inimitable pleasure, this liqueur is served cold, to accompany pleasant moments of relaxation and taste.
  • Licorice liqueur

    Calabria has a centuries-old tradition in the production of excellent licorice, a long-lived plant, indeed perennial, which in its roots contains its characteristic aroma, useful for low blood pressure, to calm the cough and to aid digestion. Our liqueur is produced on the basis of a scrupulous selection of these roots, with a processing that respect an ancient technique and a recipe handed down by the tradition of our grandmothers. Its flavor is intense and velvety, it can be drunk at room temperature, to enhance the contrast of its aroma that tastes of old, or you can taste cold, to pleasantly enjoy its sweet notes that gradually become bitter.
  • Almond Cream Liqueur

    Accompanying a dessert at the end of the meal with our Almond Cream means to exalt the taste of life with originality and elegance, not just that of a great meal. From our finest almonds we obtain a unique product of its kind, with an unmistakable and sincere taste, as only this fruit can be, which gives sweetness to the palate, with an aftertaste that tastes of pasty softness and milk. Fabulous with the poached ice cream and many kinds of desserts, to end a wonderful lunch or an excellent dinner, it should be savored very cold.