About Us

A world that gives us so many choices leaves us even a little confused, everything is familiar to us and nothing is close to us, we no longer recognize what is genuine and we have almost lost the taste of good things. For years our research has identified quality products, true excellence in the gastronomy market, to respond to the taste and well-being of our customers, because we are a healthy habit and a guarantee for a good lifestyle. Oppedisano selects, controls and marks only the excellence of the territory.

Our Wines

White, red or rose? Our wines are tasted in color, they are savored by a nuance, they are received in their consistency because they know how to transmit the strength of a unique and precious land. You do not know a territory if you do not explore in its most intimate glimpses, in the most hidden alleys, in the shy corners that protect what is healthy and, in its unique essence, inimitable, like the juice that comes from the vines of our vines, hung in midair, rich in flavor, sun and fragrant air.

Our Beers

It is a universal language that makes different cultures dialogue, is a high expression of human ingenuity, the product of a set of techniques, knowledge and methods that have only one purpose, to give pleasure and taste. Are we talking about art? Yes. Because our Beer is pure creativity in the sign of traditional craftsmanship, a Mediterranean mix flavors capable of transporting and enchanting the senses in a unique and inimitable way.

Our Liqueurs

Every taste has a soul, a subtle and imperceptible sense of being, a consciousness of one's own existence and one's own spirit, sometimes rebellious, sometimes quiet, limpid or dense, pungent or velvety, like the most hidden character we have. Our liqueurs are like this, with their perfumes and their colors, reflection of the soul of our land, its flowers, its roots, fruits that offer unique essences, emotions and aftertastes that last between sweet and bitter for remember that, whatever our spirit, it needs taste.


Our Pasta

When it comes to pasta in Italy you do not mess around, you can not be trivial or superficial, especially in Calabria, where ancient methods of processing are still basic today to keep alive the tastes and flavors of the past. In the history of our pasta there is the history of our land, our agriculture, our wheat, precious water, recipes stored and lovingly handed down, capable of transmitting the same passion for cooking that tastes good.

Our Coffee

Hot or cold, sweet or bitter, thick or light, every coffee is what we want, every pleasant moment is what we try to live, without excuses, without intrusion, without uncertainty. That's why in the selection of our coffees we express a particular care, so that everyone can appreciate, after every little wait, a happy moment of goodness.

Via Limina 16,
89042 Gioiosa Ionica (RC)

+39 0964 419794

+39 328 879 3323


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