Our company looks to wellness, through research we have gained a high level of experience in the food field, a constant commitment over the years that has made us a brand of excellence and trust for consumers. A look towards the future in the science of nutrition that invests in the values ​​of healthy tradition, this is our daily challenge, a commitment to health made of choices and selection, high quality food, absolute guarantee for our customers and the security of enjoying excellent and genuine products.


For years our company has evolved by pursuing major projects and touching important milestones in the experience of food commerce, but the greatest result has been to see an increasingly numerous and varied customers, finding valid consents in the food market, that's why we do of our growth a reason for pride and a presentation ticket. Oppedisano means tradition and innovation, any product we propose must express these concepts and offer them both in form and in substance, from creation to sale we can boast care and precision, we place the same loving attention in every step of the production chain, we favor above all an idea of ​​well-being that is the fruit of passion for our land, combining health and taste for life in an indivisible way.


We present our products and offer you the opportunity to foretaste the quality they promise, we inform you about places and spaces, times and procedures, techniques and experiences, but we do not neglect to present the emotions contained in the unique taste of every taste.