• Bellavita Craft lager beer.

    This tasty blonde beer is unfiltered, unpasteurized, refermented in bottles and without preservatives. An artisan drink of undisputed quality that enhances its naturalness as it is created on the basis of a serious selection of fine malt and hops. Before bottling, the introduction of a modest amount of sugar helps the refermentation in the bottle, so that the right amount of carbon dioxide is released from the yeasts left in suspension, which gives that light vivacity already from the first taste of its slightly amber foam.  Its velvety consistency  offers a flavored taste, excellent for pairing with pasta dishes, but which is also appreciated with rustic, legumes, white meats and fish.
    We recommend serving this beer at a temperature of 6-8 ° C.
  • Bellavita Craft red beer

    A double malt beer with a strong and resolute taste, it has a particular amber color and intense characteristic aromas, obtained from a controlled selection of a mixture of barley malts. The fine hops, with bitter hints, exalts its flavor contrasting with the sweetness of toasting the malt, thus offering a unique product. It is advisable to serve this special beer at a temperature of 6-8 ° C, with strong flavor combinations such as stuffed 'focaccia' and main courses with a strong seasoning, such as truffles or particular meats, red meats, aged cheeses, spicy dishes and ethnic or spicy based foods.